Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I had always associated business and money to the term entrepreneurship, but after reading this module my views have completely changed. According to Dan O'Neil, "entrepreneurship is the act of creating new ventures that generate and capture value." Entrepreneurs created and developed the technological world we live in today. Before this module I never thought about entrepreneurs being involved in athletics or even the environment.
The most successful people in today's world have the characteristics of an entrepreneur. You must be innovative, proactive, and motivated. Having these qualities are not only admirable, but they will lead you to the top of your career.
Famous entrepreneurs like Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates have changed our world forever. Imagine if these entrepreneurs weren't innovative, proactive, or motivated. Where would we be today? I definitely wouldn't be typing this blog right now. These inventors never gave up hope and thanks to these people we live in a civilized modern world. If you just look around you will be so thankful for entrepreneurs, because I'm sure everything you own was thanks to an entrepreneur.
I am so glad I go to a University that provides a wide range of classes to inform me on entrepreneurship. There are 60 courses on entrepreneurship at ASU and 50 of majors are represented in those classes. Entrepreneurship is something I am very curious about considering my major. I am an accountancy major and I must be an entrepreneur to succeed in my field. Hopefully one day I will have the skills and knowledge to be able to open up my own accounting firm, or even my own business of another type.


Gavin Bennett said...

Well said! Everything we own can be credited to the work of an entrepreur somewhere in history. I also agree that you must have an entrepreneurial spirit to be really successful in your career.

Jonna Weir said...

I too thought entrepreneurship was related with money. And i never thought they could be found in polotics or involved with the environment. Like you said the three characteristics that are essential for an entrepreneur are to be innovative, proactive and motivated.