Sunday, October 12, 2008


Arizona state has a total of eight libraries, all of which have thousands of great sources for the college-level research. Some of these libraries actually are major specific which can really be helpful when searching for a specific topic. Almost every course in college requires you to write some kind of research paper. As Marc Mason, "You’ll also have access to the over 400 research databases full of articles from journals and magazines that your instructors will want you to use." Whether you get your source from the library or online research database, ASU provides everything and above.
Not only do ASU libraries have tons of great reliable resources, they have numerous places to study. Whether you want to have a group or individual study there are specific places for everyone to do their school work. Also all the libraries have wireless internet, which is completely helpful if you are more comfortable using your own computer. I happened to have to take my computer to the library to do homework because our internet at my apartment went down. This was a life savior considering I had homework due the next day.
Using the libraries resources provided by ASU will enable you to write a paper with credible information. Marc Mason states, "While Google searching can provide many relevant resources, it can also provide many inappropriate resources. And much of the information you’ll find on the internet isn’t from what we call an AUTHORITATIVE source." So go out there and take advantage of what your tuition is paying for!!


Gavin Bennett said...

Well stated! We should all take advantage of the library, considering we pay for it. It is a great place to go and get homework done or just to study.

Phil said...

Using the library can help you learn and do well on research papers, there are so many resources that you can use and all of it is free.